Best Free WordPress Themes for Beginners

Are you just starting out with WordPress and looking for the perfect theme to make your website stand out? 

Well, you’re in luck! Today, I’m going to introduce you to some of the best free WordPress themes that are perfect for beginners. 

Whether you’re a blogger, freelancer, or small business owner, these themes are easy to use, customizable, and, best of all, completely free! So let’s dive in and find the perfect theme for your WordPress site.

Why choose WordPress?

Before we dive into the themes, let’s talk about why WordPress is great for beginners. WordPress is used by a lot of websites, like a third of all websites! It’s super popular because it’s easy to use, has lots of ways to customize your site, and there are tons of people who can help you if you get stuck. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for a while, WordPress is a fantastic choice for building your website, especially when it comes to finding the best free WordPress themes.

Criteria for Selecting Free Themes:

When you’re picking a theme, there are a few things to think about, especially if you’re just starting out:

1. Easy to use: Make sure it’s easy to get around and change things, because that’s important for beginners.

2. Looks good on everything: Your theme should work well and look good on phones, tablets, and computers.

3. Can be changed a bit: Find a theme that lets you make it your own without being too confusing.

4. Gets updates and help: Choose a theme that’s kept up-to-date and has people who can help if you need it. 

Now, let’s check out some awesome free WordPress themes for beginners!

Best Free WordPress Themes for Beginners

1. Astra

Astra is an awesome, best free WordPress theme that’s just right for beginners who want to make a really cool website.

It works great with popular page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder, so you can easily design your site exactly how you want it.

Plus, there are lots of ready-made templates to pick from, so you can get your site up and running super fast without needing to know any code.

Astra also makes sure your site looks awesome on phones, tablets, and computers, and it loads up really quick, so everyone has a great time visiting your site!

Astra- Best Free WordPress Themes


  • Lightweight and rapid loading
  • Highly customizable with flexible options
  • Seamlessly integrates with top page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder
  • Offers a vast library of pre-designed website templates
  • Accessibility and SEO-friendly
  • Supports WooCommerce for online stores

2. OceanWP

OceanWP is a great option for beginners looking for the best free WordPress theme, thanks to its flexibility and how well it works.

You can change lots of stuff to make your site special without much effort.

Plus, it’s perfect if you want to sell things online using WooCommerce.

OceanWP-Best Free WordPress Themes For Beginners

OceanWP also helps your site show up better in search engines, which means more people will find your site when they’re looking for stuff online.

It’s a solid choice for anyone just starting out with WordPress and wants a theme that can do a lot!


  • Highly customizable with extensive layout and design choices
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Built-in compatibility with WooCommerce for e-commerce setups
  • It works seamlessly with popular page builders like Elementor and Visual Composer
  • SEO optimization for better search engine visibility
  • Fast loading times ensure a smooth user experience

3. Neve

Neve is a simple yet strong theme created especially for beginners, earning its spot as one of the best free WordPress themes around. It’s easy to use and works smoothly with popular plugins in WordPress.

Neve is super quick, so your site loads fast, making it run really well and keeping your visitors interested.

Whether you’re making a blog, showing off your work, or setting up a business site, Neve gives you the freedom and tools you need to do it right.

It’s a solid choice for anyone just starting out with WordPress!

Neve Theme


  • Emphasizes speed and lightweight performance
  • Integrates seamlessly with Gutenberg and major page builders
  • Customizable options through the WordPress Customizer
  • Mobile responsive and supports AMP for faster mobile loading
  • WooCommerce compatibility for e-commerce ventures
  • Supports accessibility standards and RTL languages

4. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is a super lightweight and responsive theme for WordPress that’s awesome for both beginners and people who know their way around.

It’s considered as one of the best free WordPress themes. The cool thing is, you can turn on or off different features to keep your site just how you want it, which makes things less messy and makes your site run faster.


You can change a lot of stuff too, like picking different fonts and colors.

GeneratePress is also good for search engines because it has clean code and a structure that helps your site show up better in search results.

So, whether you’re just starting or you’ve been doing this for a while, GeneratePress is a great theme to check out!


  • Prioritizes speed and modularity
  • Integrates smoothly with popular page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder
  • Offers extensive customization options via the WordPress Customizer
  • SEO-friendly with markup support
  • Adheres to accessibility standards with WCAG 2.0 compliance
  • Lightweight yet feature-rich for efficient performance

5. Hestia

Meet Hestia – a cool and trendy theme that works great for all sorts of websites, like businesses, portfolios, and online stores. It’s a top pick among the best free WordPress themes for beginners.

What makes it cool? Well, it’s got this one-page style that makes your site look sleek and cool without being too complicated.

And here’s the fun part – you can easily change things around without needing to be a coding whiz, thanks to friends like Elementor, a popular page builder that Hestia hangs out with.

Hestia - Best Free WordPress Themes For Beginner

Plus, it knows how to make your site look good on any device, and if you’re thinking about selling stuff online, it’s buddies with WooCommerce.

So, if you’re a beginner aiming for a polished and professional site, Hestia is your go-to buddy.


  • Modern and visually appealing design
  • Integrates seamlessly with major page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder
  • Supports WooCommerce for creating online stores
  • One-page website support with elegant scrolling effects
  • Customizable sections and advanced theme options for personalized touch
  • Optimized for search engines and fast loading times

6. Inspiro

Inspiro is a super cool WordPress theme that’s perfect for beginners who want to make their websites look really professional and classy.

It’s got a clean and modern design that works great for all sorts of stuff, like showing off your work or setting up a business site.

You can change a bunch of stuff to make your site match your style using the customization options.

Plus, it works on phones and tablets, so everyone can see your site looking awesome no matter what device they’re using.

Inspiro Theme

One really neat thing about Inspiro is that it lets you use video backgrounds, which is great for showing off cool videos and making your site look super fancy.

Whether you’re a photographer, artist, or have a small business, Inspiro helps beginners like you make really cool websites without any hassle.

And yes, it’s among the best free WordPress themes out there!


  • A visually stunning design is perfect for portfolios and business websites.
  • Customization options allow for easy personalization of your website’s appearance.
  • Responsive design guarantees that your website appears impressive across various devices, ranging from desktop computers to smartphones.
  • Built-in support for video backgrounds enhances multimedia content showcase and engagement.
  • Seamless integration with popular page builders for easy customization and layout creation.
  • Designed to prioritize speed and performance, ensuring swift loading times and a seamless browsing experience,.
  • Comprehensive documentation and dedicated support for assistance with setup and customization.
  • Regular updates and compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and plugins for security and functionality.

7. Blocksy

Blocksy is an awesome free WordPress theme that’s just right for beginners who want to make cool and modern websites without any trouble.

It’s really easy to use and lets you change stuff to make your site special, giving it your own personal touch.

Blocksy even comes with a bunch of designs already made for you, so you can get started on your website without having to do much. Your site will look great on phones, tablets, and computers because Blocksy adjusts itself to fit any screen.

Blocksy Theme

Plus, it loads up super fast, so your visitors won’t have to wait long to see your awesome site.

Whether you’re a blogger, freelancer, or have a small business, Blocksy has everything you need to make a really cool website without any hassle.

So, if you’re looking for one of the best free WordPress themes, Blocksy is definitely worth checking out!


  • Modern and intuitive design focused on the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg)
  • Advanced customization options with live preview through the WordPress Customizer
  • Lightweight and fast-loading for optimal performance
  • Seamless incorporation with well-known page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder.
  • comprehensive header and footer builder for flexible layout design
  • WooCommerce compatibility for building online stores with ease
  • Accessibility-ready design ensures inclusivity for all users
  • Enhance search engine visibility and rankings through SEO optimization.
  • Regular updates and dedicated support for ongoing improvements and assistance

8. Zakra

Zakra is a quick and light theme that gives you a bunch of ready-to-go sites to help you get started with building your website.

That’s why it’s one of the best free WordPress themes for beginners.

It lets you change a lot of stuff, like how the top and bottom of your site look, what colors are used, and how the words are styled.

Zakra Theme

Zakra works really well with Gutenberg, which is the new way to build stuff in WordPress.

So, you can easily make your own layouts and designs. Whether you’re a blogger, freelancer, or have a small business,

Zakra’s easy-to-use and flexible features make it a smart pick for beginners.


  • Lightweight and fast-loading for enhanced performance
  • Seamless integration with Gutenberg and popular page builders
  • Offers multiple starter sites catering to various niches
  • Flexible customization options through the WordPress Customizer
  • Supports WooCommerce for e-commerce functionalities
  • SEO-friendly and translation-ready for broader reach

9. ColorMag

ColorMag is a vibrant and eye-catching theme designed specifically for online magazines, news portals, and content-heavy websites.

This makes it a top pick among the best free WordPress themes for beginners aiming to build dynamic and captivating websites.

What’s cool about it? Well, it adjusts itself to different screen sizes (that’s the responsive design part) and lets you tweak things to fit your style using various options. You can show off your content in fancy ways, like sliders, grids, and carousels.


Plus, ColorMag comes with handy spots to put extra stuff (they call them widget areas) and some special tools (they call them widgets) to make your site even better.

Oh, and it’s good for Google and loads up real quick, making your site easier to find and faster to enjoy!


  • Ideal for magazine-style websites with a focus on readability
  • Responsive design for optimal viewing across devices
  • Multiple widget areas for enhanced customization
  • Integrates with popular page builders like Elementor
  • WooCommerce compatibility for setting up online stores
  • SEO optimization and integration for better search visibility

10. Sydney

Sydney is a really powerful theme that’s great for freelancers, agencies, and small businesses.

It’s one of the best free WordPress themes for beginners because it lets you make websites that look super professional without needing to know any fancy coding stuff.

You can change a bunch of stuff, like making big headers that take up the whole screen, adding your own logo, and using cool background effects.

Sydney Theme

Sydney works really well with popular page builders like Elementor and SiteOrigin, so you can make your site look exactly how you want it to.

Plus, it works on phones and tablets, so your site will look awesome no matter what device people are using. It’s really easy to use, even if you’re just starting out!


  • Extensive customization options through the WordPress Customizer
  • Full-screen front page slider for impactful visuals
  • Seamless integration with major page builders like Elementor
  • Custom widgets for added functionality and versatility
  • Supports WooCommerce for e-commerce endeavors
  • Translation-ready with RTL language support for broader accessibility


  • Can I use these themes for any type of website?

    While these themes are versatile and can be adapted to various website types, some are specifically tailored for certain niches or purposes. For example, ColorMag is well-suited for online magazines, while Sydney is tailored for freelancers and small businesses. However, with their customizable features, you can create different types of websites using any of these “Best Free WordPress Themes.”

  • Do these themes support multilingual websites?

    Yes, many of these themes support multilingual websites either through built-in features or compatibility with translation plugins like WPML or Polylang. This allows you to reach a broader audience by offering your content in multiple languages.

  • Will my website be optimized for search engines with these themes?

    Yes, many of these themes are optimized for search engines, with features like clean code, markup, and fast loading times. Additionally, you can further enhance your website’s SEO performance by using SEO plugins and following best practices for content optimization.

  • Can I create a custom logo and branding with these themes?

    Yes, these themes typically allow you to upload custom logos and customize colors, fonts, and other branding elements to align with your brand identity. This flexibility enables you to create a unique and cohesive look for your website using the “Best Free WordPress Themes.”


In conclusion, choosing the right WordPress theme is essential for beginners embarking on their website-building journey. By considering factors such as ease of use, responsiveness, customization options, and support, you can find the perfect theme that suits your needs. The themes mentioned in this blog—Astra, OceanWP, Neve, GeneratePress, and Sydney—are among the best free WordPress themes and are excellent choices for beginners looking to create stunning websites without breaking the bank. Start your WordPress journey today and unleash your creativity with these fantastic free themes!

Additional Tips

Don’t forget to preview themes before activating them on your website to ensure they meet your expectations.

Regularly update your theme to access new features, security patches, and performance improvements.

Join online communities and forums to seek advice, troubleshoot issues, and connect with other WordPress users.

Check out our themes and plugins:

How to install a WordPress Theme? (3 Different Methods to Install)

Do you want to know how to install a WordPress theme?

If you are planning to start a new WordPress website or planning to change the look of your existing WordPress site then you need to change the theme. For that, you need to know how to install a WordPress theme.

If you see the statistics, WordPress is the most widely-used content management system in the world. So what’s the reason behind this. Well, WordPress is easy to use and implement. Also, it comes with thousands of themes in both free and premium versions.

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss how to install a WordPress theme with different methods. 

While selecting any themes, make sure they offer the following features:.

Key Features:

  • Social media sharing
  • SEO optimization
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Attractive user interface
  • Compatible with popular WordPress plugin
  • Multilingual and translation ready
  • Ecommerce support

Whether you want to start a business website, portfolio, or website in any other niche, you must require the above features. Although there are many more needs a user will require for their website, but above-mentioned considerations will help you out to get in the right direction.

Now, let’s dive into different methods to install a WordPress theme for your site. Once you know about it all, you can go through any of it as per your ease and requirement.

Methods to install a WordPress Theme

1. Install a theme from WordPress Dashboard

Are you a beginner? If yes, it is better to start with a free theme. You will get all the free themes from the themes directory. And to get it, this is the easiest method. Hence, anyone can install a theme using the WordPress admin panel.

Let’s see how to install through the WordPress panel:

  • Log in to your WordPress admin area
  • Next, go to the Appearance
  • Select the themes menu 
  • Click on the Add New button
theme on dashboard
  • On the next screen, select from Featured WordPress themes, Popular WordPress themes, Latest WordPress themes
  • Click on the ‘Feature Filter’ button
feature listing
  • Select the category of the theme by subject, specific features, and layout.
  • Based on your search, you will see a list of themes 
  • Now move your cursor to the theme which you want to install and click on the install button.
  • Once installed, click on the activate button.
activate theme

Once the theme is installed and activated, you will get a successful message. Now you are ready to customize your website with the installed theme. 

All the themes have settings under Appearance > Customize. Thus, we recommend to check settings first.

2. Install theme using the Upload Method from WordPress dashboard?

As describe in first method, you can only install free theme available at theme’s directory. So what if you want some premium themes. Yes, in that case, you can go through upload method.

Let’s see how to install WordPress theme from upload method. Here we go:

  • Download the .zip file of the theme
  • Next, go to the Appearance
  • Click on the Add New button at the top
upload theme
  • Now, click on the ‘Upload Theme’ button
  • Select the .zip file that you downloaded earlier
  • Click on Install Now button
install theme

Once your theme is installed, you will receive a success message along with the link to activate and preview the theme. So just, click on the ‘Activate’ link, and you are ready to use it for your upcoming site.

3. Install WordPress themes using FTP?

Last but not least, let’s move to the FTP method. It is a quite complicated process, beginners may get it difficult to follow. But if you are an expert and well known about these features, you can deal with it very well. 

The main reason behind its complications is, there is a risk of deleting or modifying files, which could bring your site offline.  And as a result, you may lose your traffic. So you need to be very careful and focus on all elements of the vehicle installation theme using the FTP method.

Before you start with this, make sure you must have an FTP hostname, username and password, and an FTP client. You can get these all from your hosting company. If you don’t have one, consult with your hosting providers.

Let’s get started:

  • Use your FTP server, username, and password, and login to your server. 
ftp install
  • Navigate to your wp-content/themes/ folder. 
  • Upload your previously unzipped theme’s folder from your computer.
  • Wait for the uploading to complete.
  • Once the files are uploaded, go to the WP admin dashboard.
  • Click on the appearance.

Go to theme’s page, you’ll see the uploaded theme.

activate theme

FileZilla is a recommended desktop application to connect FTP. So, we recommend to download that software and use it.

Now, finally, all the themes files are uploaded. After this, you need to activate your theme. Now, you are ready to use your theme for site customization.


All the above-listed methods are trusted to install a WordPress theme. But if you are a beginner, we recommend to go with the method 1 for free themes and method 2 for premium themes.

The third method is quite complex and hard to navigate to all the process.

Please comment below if you have any feedback or suggestions regarding this post, You can also contact us directly.

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10+ Best Feminine WordPress Themes and Templates for 2021

Do you want to build a Feminine Website and looking for the best feminine WordPress theme. If yes, we are here with the 10 feminine WordPress theme for you.

Before we go through the list let me introduce you to the Word theme. I am assuming that you all are familiar with the term WordPress. And many of you may be familiar with the Word Theme too but for those who are new to the field let me tell you what is the theme?

In very simple language, Theme in WordPress is a kit to modify the layout and the design of a website. The theme helps you to customize the look and feel of your website, including the layout, typography, color, and other parts of your website.

How to install the theme ?

  1. Go to Your login Area
  2. Go to Appearance
  3. You will get the theme icon there
  4. Then Add New Button at the top of your Screen
  5. Search for the theme
  6. When you see the theme you want to install
  7. Click on it you will get the install button
  8. Now you just need to click the install button.

Above steps are for installing a free WordPress theme. To get a Premium WordPress theme you need to pay some amount. Themeforest is the best market place to get the premium WordPress theme.

1. Polite

Polite Theme

Are you looing for minimal and clean feminine WordPress theme? Polite is the best masonry layout theme for blog and magazine. It has sidebar, footer widgets, primary color and many other features.

In addition to that, Polite comes with demo data to make the site like the demo. Futhermore, it has related posts, copyright text, numeric and load more pagination, go to the top, offCanvas sidebar, search in header and many more.


  • Video and Text documentation
  • Masonry and Grid layout
  • Sidebar options
  • Primary color option
  • Child theme ready
  • Premium version available with added features

2. Activello


It is a clean, simple and lightweight theme for blogging. The theme can be used in regular websites like fashion, travel, lifestyle, sports and any other. Moreover, the theme is WooCommerce compatible, which allows you to create fully functional eCommerce websites.

Additionally the theme comes with the several customization options. Activello is a flexible WordPress theme which has outstanding features. Trust me the theme is going to provide you the awesome experience in website development. As the theme is compatible to work with WooCommerce, W3 Total Cache, Contact Form, Gravity Forms, JetPack , Yoast SEO and many other free and premium WordPress Plugins  you can easily work with all the plugins and using them can easily build a fantastic website


  • The theme is Fully Responsive and comes with Flat Design
  • A Retina Ready WordPress theme
  • Fully customizable  and easy to use
  • Supports many plugins
  • Comes with full Screen featured slider
  • Has Unlimited color option and much more

3. ChicServe


Here comes the ChicServe WordPress theme, especially for Feminine Websites. The theme is specially designed for female service providers. It is a premium, stylish and flexible WordPress theme. Moreover, the theme is compatible with elementor, which will help you to build a website without any code. You just need to drag and drop and your feminine WordPress website get ready.

This technique helps the newcomer to build a website without any huge effort. ChicServe is the best Feminine WordPress theme, which is going to provide you with a great experience of building a website. Additionally, the theme comes with a homepage slider, which can be set full-width, or boxed or select a static image and many more are the features of the theme. Some of them are


  • Easily customizable WordPress theme
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • SEO friendly
  • Comes with header notice bar
  • Has GDPR Cookie Consent
  • Fully Responsive Premium WordPress theme

4. Feminine Shop

feminine shop

Feminine Shop is the free WordPress theme for Female oriented WordPress websites. The theme comes with simple, clean and feminist feel, which will help you to create a feminine website easily. Talking about the look of the theme, the theme has an outstanding layout and is fully responsive, which will make the look of your website elegant and awesome.

Responsive nature of the theme will let your website to adjust to any screen size. Additionally, Feminine shop themes are multipurpose theme and best for creating a feminine fashion blog.


  • Fully Responsive
  • Comes with beautiful page layout
  • Easily customizable
  • SEO and user friendly WordPress theme
  • Both free and premium versions are available
  • 2 left/right sidebar

5. Kole


A WordPress theme that allows us to generate a fashion or lifestyle blog in a very less effort is Kole. The theme comes with multiple homepages and you just need to choose one for your website. After you choose a homepage the theme will offer you different options like slider, highlights catalogs and carousels. 

We can get much variety between our posts because of outstanding blog templates of the Kole. We also don’t need to change the post format with these templates. Kole is SEO Friendly, Responsive WordPress theme that will let you experience a stunning website development process.


  • One-Click Demo Import
  • Woo-Commerce compatible
  • Retina Ready
  • Outstanding layouts and plenty of space to share some of your past works
  • Perfect theme for blogging
  • Head module comes with high resolution

6. Gema


Another WordPress feminine theme in our list is Gema.  Gema is a beautiful theme that will allow you to create a stunning, beautiful WordPress Website. Though Gema is a feminine theme, it can be used for any kind of website. Trust me the theme is outstanding, comes with an eye-catching layout, and will suit any kind of website like fashion, magazine, food, blogging and many others.

Gema is a fully customizable WordPress theme and also allows you to customize with a personal logo.  With this theme, you can create a website according to your imagination. Simply, Gema is a perfect theme for your website.


  • SEO friendly, fully Responsive WordPress theme
  • Designed Using Grid layout
  • Supports several typographic styles
  • Retina and translation Ready
  • A delightful WordPress theme
  • Fully customizable, Well Documented

7. Maggie


Maggie is a perfect theme for businesswomen who are looking for a platform to develop their business. The theme is going to provide a perfect platform for a business website. It is an elegant and best feminine WordPress theme. Maggie comes with a large header area image, which can be used easily.

Additionally, it offers you three featured widgets that allow you to direct your website Visitors and you can simply take them where you want. The theme is going to work perfectly in any screen size, as it is a fully responsive WordPress theme.


  • Fully customizable WordPress theme
  • Comes with elegant page layout
  • Woo-Commerce Compatible
  • Fully Responsive SEO Ready WordPress theme
  • Includes a newsletter subscription box that works with  MailChimp and Conver kit
  • Customizable with social media icons

8. Carrino


Carrino is a beautiful and elegant WordPress theme built with the new Gutenberg Page editor. The theme comes with outstanding features and allows us to create a beautiful website. Talking about the layout of the theme, trust me, you are going to love it.

In Short, the theme has an outstanding layout that will let you create fantastic content for your blogging website. In addition, the theme is fully customizable that allows you to add your feel and look to the website.


  • Has outstanding layout
  • Completely customizable
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Integrates with Mailchimp
  • Translation Ready
  • SEO friendly, Fully Responsive WordPress theme

9. Samantha


Another theme in our list is Samantha. Samantha is a best feminine WordPress theme in feminine layout. The theme is perfect to build a feminine website. The theme comes with different layouts like Social icons are placed at the top and a large logo is centered in the middle of the header.

The setup will let your visitor immediately know what you want to express through your blog. This idea is going to increase your visitors as they are immediately getting what they want. Samantha is a fully responsive and search engine optimized theme that will help your website to get a good rank on Google.


  • WooCommerce compatible WordPress theme
  • Fully Customizable
  • Best feminine WordPress theme for Business website
  • Newsletter Sign-up form
  • GDPR Cookie Consent
  • Lifetime Access and updates and much more

10. Overflow


Overflow is a modern and elegant WordPress theme. The theme perfectly suits a wide range of websites like blogging, wedding, photography and many others. Overflow has 9 different demos that can be easily used in a single use. Moreover, the best part is that you can try every demo easily as the theme comes with the Demo Switcher. 

Additionally, the theme uses a grid layout to showcase the posts you want to focus one at the top of the website homepage. Talking about more features, the theme comes multiple page header types, smart colors, custom fonts and many more.


  • Comes with 9 different demos
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Multiple Archive Layouts for Homepage and Archive page
  • Comes with Multiple Page layouts
  • Has an eye-catching video background
  • SEO friendly and fully Responsive WordPress theme

11. HoneyCrisp


The last theme in our list is HoneyCrisp. HoneyCrisp is one of the best feminine WordPress themes that comes with outstanding features. The theme has a large number of typographic controls; color controls, is capable to set site sidebar width and has outstanding shortcodes.

Additionally, the theme is fully responsive and going to fit on any screen. Trust me, you are going to love the theme.


  • Search engine Optimized
  • Elegant and Modern WordPress theme
  • Fully customizable
  • You can easily change site width, content width, edge padding and Sidebar width
  • Can easily choose from Google web font and upload unlimited custom web fonts
  • WooCommerce ready WordPress theme


In this article, We have listed the 10 best feminine WordPress themes. All of them are best in their own way. This article will help you to choose one the best one according to your needs.

I hope the article is useful for you and you liked the article. Please keep on visiting for more such interesting articles. Feel free to send your queries if any are related to the article. We’ll try our best to answer your query as soon as we get them. Thank you !! Keep visiting and supporting us and follow us on our Facebook & Twitter page. Have a good time..

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