Subscribe to Unlock - Documentation

Installing Instructions

  1. Unzip the file downloaded plugin from codecanyon.  You can download all your purchased files from
  2. Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/subscribe-to-unlock
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on Subscribe to Unlock option menu in WordPress left admin menu.


  1. Open your Dashboard-> Plugins-> Add New
  2. Click on Upload Plugin
  3. Click on Choose File
  4. Select the file file and click Install Now
  5. Once the plugin is installed click on Activate Plugin
  6. You are done, to customize the plugin’s settings, click on Subscribe to Unlock option menu in WordPress left admin menu.

How to Update

As soon as you receive the update notification email from the codecanyon for our product "Subscribe to Unlock Opt In Content Locker WordPress Plugin", you can then go to your codecanyon account's download page and then download the latest update. You can view your downloads page from below link.

Once you download the latest version, please deactivate and delete the existing version plugin from your site and install and activate the latest downloaded version. And yes, all your settings and forms will remain as is even after you deactivate and delete and install the new version.

If you have any confusion regarding installing the plugin then you can check the above instructions.

Basic Setup

As soon as the plugin is installed and activated, you will be able to view the Subscribe to Unlock menu in the left admin menu. And you can then click on that menu to see the list of subscription forms.

In this section you can view the list of all the subscriptions that have been created.

To add a form, you can click on Add Subscription Form sub menu inside the Subscribe to Unlock menu and then configure the form as per your need.

There are 5 different settings section needed to configured while creating a form as belows:

  1. General Settings
  2. Form Settings
  3. Layout Settings
  4. Email Settings
  5. Custom

General Settings

In general settings, you can configure all the basic settings for the form such as Form Title, Form Alias, Lock Content, Lock Mode etc.

Here are the description of individual options available in the general settings.

  1. Form Status - This will enable and disable the form in the frontend.
  2. Form Title - This is the main title of the form for the recognition of the form everywhere.
  3. Form Alias - This is the nickname of the form which will be used in the shortcode. This shouldn't contain any special characters and space. You can use underscore(_) instead of space while entering the alias and should be unique i.e the same alias shouldn't be repeated in multiple forms.
  4. Lock Content - In this field, you can enter the content that you want to display after the successful user subscription. The lock content is optional and the content can be locked directly in your page or post editor through our inbuilt lock button inside the WYSWYG Editor.
  5. Lock Modes - There are currently two lock modes available. One is hard lock and one is soft lock. Hard lock will completely hide the content whereas soft lock will just blur the content.
  6. Verification and Verification Type - By enabling the verification, the content will only be unlocked if subscribers verify their email address. There are two methods of verification available. One is verification through link and verification through code. When verification through link is chosen, the subscriber need to verify by clicking the verification link that will be received as soon as they subscribe. And when verification through code is chosen, the subscribers will receive a code to unlock the content which they need to enter in the verification code box.
    After enabling this option, the confirmation link will be sent to the subscribers as soon as they subscribe in the site.
  7. Unlock Link Message - This is the message which will shown to users in your site as soon as they click the verification link that is sent in the email.
  8. Unlock Button Label - This is the field for entering the unlock button label when chosen Verification through Code.
  9. Unlock Error Message - This is the message that will show when users enter the incorrect verification code.
  10. Form Success Message - This is the message shown to the users when subscription is successful.
  11. Form Required Error Message - This is the message shown to the users if users don't fill all the necessary required fields.
  12. Form Error Message - This is the message shown to the users if the email couldn't be sent to users due to invalid email or any other server related reason.
  13. Mailchimp Lists / Constant Contact List - Please note that these option will only show if you have configured the necessary credentials in the "Settings" section of our plugin which will explain later within this documentation. If you have configured the necessary credentials and fetched the list of Both Mailchimp and Constant Contact then those list will show in end of the General settings panel like in the below screenshot through which you can choose the required list in which the subscriber will be automatically subscribed.

Form Settings

In this section you can configure all the form components that are available in the subscription forms. You can enable/disable and configure labels for each field.

Below are the available form components.

  1. Heading
  2. Sub Heading
  3. Name
  4. Email
  5. Terms and Agreement
  6. Subscribe Button
  7. Footer Text

Layout Settings

In this section, you can configure necessary settings related with the layout of the form. You can choose any one templates from our 10 beautiful pre-designed templates.

Here are the options available in this section:

  1. Form Layout - This option includes the dropdown of all the available pre designed templates from which you can choose one. There are 10 template available currently which can be checked through selecting each template.
  2. Form Width - By default each template has been provided certain specific width for each template but in case you want to customize the width then you can enter your desired width in px or in % as per your requirement.

Email Settings

In this section, you can configure all the necessary email related configurations such as "From Name", "From Email" etc.


Here are the available options inside this section.

  1. From Email - In this field you can enter the email that will be used as the from email while sending any email through our plugin such as confirmation email, download link email. While entering the From Email, please make sure you don't enter the email that resembles the real person email which might land the email into the spam or junk. You can enter email such as noreply@yourdomainname which won't resemble any real person email.
  2. From Name: "From Name" is also used as while sending any email through our plugin. As similar with "From Email", you should enter the value that won't resemble any real person's name such as "No Reply".
  3. Email Subject - In this field you can enter the subject of the email which is sent for the subscriber verification.
  4. Email Message - In this field you can configure the message that you will send to the subscribers for the verification.


In this section you can customize the form layout through our inbuilt form layout customization options. The options available in the section comes handy when the pre designed template doesn't fulfill your needs and you want to style the form as per your need.

Here are the available customization options for the custom form styling.

  1. Text color - For customizing the overall text color of the form
  2. Button Background Color - For customizing the subscribe button background color
  3. Button Text Color - For customizing the subscribe button text color
  4. Button Hover Color - For customizing the subscribe button background color on hover
  5. Button Hover Text Color - For customizing the subscribe button text color on hover
  6. Loader Color - For customizing the loader color
  7. Background Type - For customizing the background of the form
  8. Popup Button Text Color - For customizing the text color of the popup button
  9. Popup Button Background Color - For customizing the background color of popup button
  10. Popup Button Hover Color - For customizing the popup button text color on hover
  11. Popup Button Hover Background Color - For customizing the popup button background color on hover
  12. Custom CSS - If you need to enter any custom CSS to override the existing styling of our form then you can enter in this field.

How to Lock

You can add the lock content directly in the subscription form's general settings while creating a form and then place the shortcode anywhere in the page or post's content editor. Please check in the below screenshot.

Or, you can lock the content directly inside any post or page content editor. Please check the below screenshot for easy reference.

How to lock the whole page with Popup Locker?

You can lock the whole page too instead of specific content through our popup page locker. Even you can enable the countdown timer to unlock the page to make the locking process more interactive. You can enable the popup page locker for any page or post through our "Subscribe to Unlock" metabox in each page or post edit page. Please check below screenshot.


Subscribers List

In this section, you can view all the subscribers that have subscribed through the different subscription forms and also filter the subscribers as per the different subscription forms and also export them to CSV for further external use.


In this section you can configure the Mailchimp Settings, Constant Contact Settings and some global settings.

Mailchimp Settings

To integrate the Mailchimp in any subscription forms, Mailchimp shall be configured here. To configure Mailchimp, it will need an API key which can be generated from here.

After adding an API key, you will need to connect by clicking on connect button.

After clicking on connect, if the API key is correct then it shall fetch all the list from your Mailchimp account and show like in the below screenshot.

The Last Log field will also show the API log of the last subscription if the subscriber is sent to the Mailchimp selected list or not.

Constant Contact Settings

To integrate Constant Contact in the subscription forms, you will need to configure the Constant Contact necessary details in settings. For configuring the Constant Contact, it requires Constant Contact API key and Access Token.

Please go here to generate your api keys and access tokens and please go here to know how to generate necessary keys

Before connecting it shall show like below screenshot.

After connection, if both the keys are correct then it will fetch all the list available in your Constant Contact account and will show like in below screenshot.

Developer Documentation

In case you want to extend or modify any functionality in the plugin from outside the plugin using hooks and filters then we have added some necessary hooks and filters in the plugin which we have listed in detail inside the Help section of our plugin.

So if required then you can check all the available hooks and filter inside the help section of our plugin.