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Submit post from frontend with or without logging in

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About Plugin

As the name explains, Frontend Post Submission Manager Lite is a free WordPress plugin which facilitates with the functionality to submit Posts from frontend with or without logging in.

You can configure two available forms with drag and drop form builder, add unlimited custom fields, choose form templates from 5 pre designed templates and customize form fields as per your requirement.


  • Drag and Drop form Builder
  • Unlimited Custom Fields with various Field Types Support
  • Custom Fields Frontend Display Support
  • Custom Fields Display in Backend too
  • 5 Beautiful Pre Designed templates
  • Guest Post Support
  • Secure Form Submission with Google Captcha Integrated
  • Admin and User Notification Configurations
  • Frontend Form Preview
  • Redirection option available after Successful submission
  • Configure Submited Post Status
  • Configure Post Author
  • Configure Post Format
  • Character Limit Configuration
  • Enable/disable Form Components
  • Ajax Form Submission
  • Developer Documentation Available
  • All device friendly and browser Compatibility
  • Translation Ready

Drag & Drop Form Builder with various field type support(Textfield, Textarea, Datepicker, Radio Button & many more..)

You can add as many custom fields as you want with field types such as Textfield, Textarea etc

You can display any received custom fields from our form directly in the post detail page without any prior knowledge of needing to edit the theme template files through complex coding.

Manage custom fields added in the form in same manner in the post edit screen as how it has been added in the form

Worried about look and feel of the form? Not to worry because we do have beautiful pre designed 5 templates.

Don't want users to register and login? Not to worry because our plugin does support guest post submission, yes without LOGGING in.

Regarding security, we never compromise because our forms are secured through Google reCaptcha

You can configures admin and different user notifications such as Post Submission Notification, Post Publish and Post Reject Notifications

Need to check how form is showing up before integrating? Not to worry because we do have frontend form preview which gives you the ability to test the form beforehand.

You can manage the redirection after the successful form submission, whether to a custom URL or to the published post.

  • Updated on: 14th May, 2024
  • Released on: 8th August 2020
  • Documentation