General Settings

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In general settings, you can configure all the basic settings for the form such as Form TitleForm AliasLock Content, Lock Mode etc.

Genral Setting Subscribe to unlock
remainimg STU settings

Here are the description of individual options available in the general settings.

1. Form Status – This will enable and disable the form in the frontend.

2. Form Title – This is the main title of the form for the recognition of the form everywhere.

3. Form Alias – This is the nickname of the form which will be used in the shortcode. This shouldn’t contain any special characters and space. You can use underscore(_) instead of space while entering the alias and should be unique i.e the same alias shouldn’t be repeated in multiple forms.

4. Lock Content – In this field, you can enter the content that you want to display after the successful user subscription. The lock content is optional and the content can be locked directly in your page or post editor through our inbuilt lock button inside the WYSWYG Editor.

5. Lock Modes – There are currently two lock modes available. One is hard lock and one is soft lock. Hard lock will completely hide the content whereas soft lock will just blur the content.

6. Verification and Verification Type – By enabling the verification, the content will only be unlocked if subscribers verify their email address. There are two methods of verification available.

  • Verification through link: One is verification through link and verification through code. When verification through link is chosen, the subscriber need to verify by clicking the verification link that will be received as soon as they subscribe.
  • Verification through code: When verification through code is chosen, the subscribers will receive a code to unlock the content which they need to enter in the verification code box.
    After enabling this option, the confirmation link will be sent to the subscribers as soon as they subscribe in the site.
  • Verification Expire Duration: Enter the number of hours for the verification link or code to expire.
  • After Verification: Choose an option according to your requirement whether to show unlock message or redirect to form page.

7. Unlock Link Message – Enter the message to display when the unlock link is clicked.

8. Double Opt-In – Enable this option if you want to send the unlock link to subscriber only after aclicking the subscription confirmation link.

  •  Opt-In Confirmation Message – Enter a confirmation message .

9. Don’t remember email – Check this option if you do not want to check if the subscriber’s email is already subscribed.

10. Unlock for logged in Users – Check this option to enable content unlocking for users who are logged in.

11. Form Success Message – This is the message shown to the users when subscription is successful.

12. Form Required Error Message – This is the message shown to the users if users don’t fill all the necessary required fields.

13. Form Error Message – This is the message shown to the users if the email couldn’t be sent to users due to invalid email or any other server related reason.

14. Mailchimp Lists / Constant Contact List – Please note that these option will only show if you have configured the necessary credentials in the “Settings” section of our plugin which will explain later within this documentation. If you have configured the necessary credentials and fetched the list of Both Mailchimp and Constant Contact then those list will show in end of the General settings panel like in the below screenshot through which you can choose the required list in which the subscriber will be automatically subscribed.

Mailchimp constraint contact list
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General Settings

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