Captcha Settings

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To set up Google reCAPTCHA , follow these steps:

recaptcha settings
  1. Enable ReCaptcha: Check this option to activate reCAPTCHA on your subscription form’s . This adds an extra layer of security by verifying that users are not bots before submitting the form.
  2. ReCaptcha Site Key: Obtain your reCAPTCHA site key from the specified link. This key is required for integrating reCAPTCHA with your form.
  3. ReCaptcha Secret Key: Similarly, obtain your reCAPTCHA secret key from the provided link. This key is also necessary for the integration process..
  4. ReCaptcha Label: Customize the label text for the reCAPTCHA field that appears on your form. This label informs users about the reCAPTCHA verification process.
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Captcha Settings

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