General Settings

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In general settings, you can configure all the basic settings for the form such as Form TitleForm AliasDouble opt-in etc.

WP Subscription Forms | General Settings

Here are the description of individual options available in the general settings.

1. Form Status – This will enable and disable the form in the frontend.

2. Form Title – This is the main title of the form for the recognition of the form everywhere.

3. Form Alias – This is the nickname of the form which will be used in the shortcode. This shouldn’t contain any special characters and space. You can use underscore(_) instead of space while entering the alias and should be unique i.e the same alias shouldn’t be repeated in multiple forms.

4. Double Opt – In – This is the new option which we had added in our Plugin Version 1.0.5. With the use of this option, you can enable the double opt in feature in form which means the entered email address won’t get stored in the Site’s Database and won’ t receive the download link until they confirm their subscription through email.
After enabling this option, the confirmation link will be sent to the subscribers as soon as they subscribe in the site.

  • Opt – In Confirmation Message – This is the message which will shown to users in your site as soon as they click the confirmation link that is sent in the email. You can configure the confirmation email message in the Email settings which we will describe later within this documentation.

5. Form Success Message – This is the message shown to the users when subscription is successful.

6. Form Required Error Message – This is the message shown to the users if users don’t fill all the necessary required fields.

7. Form Error Message – This is the message shown to the users if the email couldn’t be sent to users due to invalid email or any other server related reason.

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General Settings

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