Email Settings

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In this section, you can configure all the necessary email related configurations such as “From Name”, “From Email” etc.

Here are the available options inside this section.

  1. From Email – In this field you can enter the email that will be used as the from email while sending any email through our plugin such as confirmation email, download link email. While entering the From Email, please make sure you don’t enter the email that resembles the real person email which might land the email into the spam or junk. You can enter email such as noreply@yourdomainname which won’t resemble any real person email.
  2. From Name: “From Name” is also used as while sending any email through our plugin. As similar with “From Email”, you should enter the value that won’t resemble any real person’s name such as “No Reply”.
  3. Email Subject – In this field you can enter the subject of the email which is sent for the subscriber verification.
  4. Email Message – In this field you can configure the message that you will send to the subscribers for the verification.
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Email Settings

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