Create A New Form

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A new form can be created by clicking “Add New Form” submenu of Frontend Post Submission Menu available in the admin section. While creating a new form, you shall provide:

  • Form Status – This will enable or disable the form while using in the frontend
  • Form Title – This is the main title of the form
  • Form Alias – This is a unique identifier for the form which is used to display the form and fetch necessary settings. Please use the unique name which has not been used for any other forms and please don’t use any special characters except underscore(_)
  • Post Type – This will list all the post which are registered in your site including default WP Post Type. Please choose the post type which you want to receive from the form being created.
  • Form Type – There are two form types, one is to receive the post through registered users by logging in and another one is guest form which can be submitted without requiring to login.

Once the form is created, you will be redirected to the form configurations page where you can configure

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Create A New Form

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