Basic Settings

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Once the form is created, there are few configuration section which need to configure before starting to use in frontend. Basic settings section consists of all the basic options related with the form. Available options are:

  • Form Title – This is the title given while creating the form
  • Form Alias – This is the alias given to the form while creating the form. We don’t recommend editing form alias because it is used to fetch all the necessary settings and list the post in the frontend post management dashboard
  • Post Status – As per your requirement, you can configure the post status of the submitted post such as PublishDraft or Pending.
  • Validation Error Message – In this field, you can enter the validation error message to show when any validation error occurs in the form.
  • Form Success Message – In this field, you can enter the message to display on the successful form submission
  • Post Submit Redirection – Check this option to activate redirection after submitting a post.
  • Redirection Type- With this option, you can enable the redirection after the successful form submission. There are two types of redirection. One is Redirect to Published Post or Custom URL
  • Edit Redirection URL – Enter the URL where users will be redirected after editing a post.
  • Limit Post Submission – Check this option to restrict the number of posts a user can submit.
  • Allowed number of posts – Enter the desired limit for post submissions
  • Limit Message – Enter the message to inform users about the submission limit.
  • Fire save_post hook – Check this option if you want to activate the save_post hook after successful post submission.
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Basic Settings

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