How to increase subscribers in your WordPress site?

Increase subscriber in WordPress site

Do you have your WordPress website? If yes, you might want to get more subscribers to your site, isn’t it? To maintain the sustainability of any site, subscriber plays an important role. So by keeping this thing in mind, today we are going to discuss how to increase subscribers in your WordPress site.

Getting subscribers to your WordPress site is not difficult. But you know it will not come automatically on air. You must need to follow some methods. The best way to get subscribers is email marketing. It will get more subscribers in a very short time. But still, there are different methods and strategies with which you can get your subscribers.

Whether you are beginners or experienced ones, everyone wants huge subscribers on their site, isn’t it? So if you want to start growing your subscriber base, go through the following tips before you start.

Let’s get started:

The Importance of Increasing Subscribers

  • Direct contact with potential clients
  • More effective marketing schedule
  • Increased rate of return visitors
  • More focused on potential clients
  • The incredible chance of gaining more revenue

How to increase subscribers in your WordPress Site?

Here we have mentioned some of the useful methods which will help you to get more subscriptions on your WordPress website. Go through each of these methods. By the end of the article, I am sure you will be able to customize your WordPress website to get huge subscribers.

1. Launch a New Product

new product launch

If you want to increase your site subscribers, you just need to launch a new product. If you create a landing page, you will get potential customers. When you are creating a landing page, make sure it contains more information. If you make it convincing enough, you will be able to attract more visitors. And finally, easily convert your visitors into permanent subscribers.

2. Coming Soon Page

Another way to crack a subscriber is by creating a “coming soon” page. There are several ways to create a coming soon page, go through any of them. To hit any social media and digital marketing trial, a page will be required to attract people before your official launch. Such pages are simple, informative, and full of curiosity.

3. Install Unlock Opt-In Content Locker Lite plugin 

Unlock Opt-In Content Locker Lite is a free WordPress plugin that helps you to get subscribers.  It is easy to use and install, such that even beginners can deal with it very well. The plugin guides you to capture more subscribers right from your WordPress site. And this can be done just by locking some specific content of your site. To verify your subscribers, you can either go through link verification or directly unlock code verification. If you install this plugin, you can easily integrate the subscription form into your site which leads to huge subscribers.


  • Comes with two pre-designed subscription form templates
  • Design with two locker modes 
  • Provides two email verification methods
  • Option to enable/disable each form component
  • Subscribers CSV Export
  • Back-end form preview
  • Mobile responsive and user friendly
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Provides dedicated support
  • Translation ready

4. Contact Us Page

contact us page

The more you interact with your audience, the more you attract them. And the best way for interaction is “Contact Us Page”. So select the fine form plugin and create a contact form for your WordPress website. It is important to create a contact form because it allows you to discover how people are responding to your product.

Most businessmen prefer this strategy to get subscribers and gain insights into their audience. If someone wants to make a partnership to work on cross-promotional material, guest posts, or public relations questions, they will follow up with the contact us page.

So design a powerful contact us page which will be able to attract your visitors and convert them into your subscribers.

5. Get the Email

Getting Email

Getting an email is the best way to get subscribers. If you are wondering how, then stay to get more information. If you want more subscribers, just ask for an email rather than asking about their first name, no last name, no phone number, address, social security number, or blood sample.

Sometimes, users get panicked or irritated if you ask so much information. But subscribing with just a mail is quite easier and fearless. Once you get your subscriber, build a good relationship and then later ask for their personal details. 

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6. Tell Them Why

Users have too many queries on every subscription. So if you are asking for a subscription, let them know about its advantages. If the users known what they are getting on their subscription, they will trust you and leave by subscribing to your website. For this you can say the following lines:

  • Sign up and get free updates from our blog.
  • Sign up for free tips on solving your most complex WordPress problems.
  • Subscribe and get free updates of our posts.
  • Sign up for our free weekly updates.

7. Utilize downloads within your content

Last but not least, you can increase subscribers in your WordPress site from download methods. Yes, you heard it right, download links can also encourage your visitors to subscribe to your WordPress website. For this you need to include some download links in the middle of your blog.

Make sure those links should prompt the users to another post related to your website. This will make them enter their email address to access the free download. And hence you will get another subscriber to your site.


Well, we did with overall methods which will help you increase subscribers on your WordPress website. If you follow the above tips, I’m sure you can convince your visitors and turn them into followers. Believe me, the above are the most effective tool to bring a great number of real subscribers to your web page.

I hope you get this article helpful to you. If you are getting any issues or have any queries, feel free to contact us. You can send your queries through our comment section. We will make sure all your questions are answered as soon as possible. To get more interesting articles, subscribe to our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.