Frontend Post Submission Manager - Change Log

Version 1.4.2

1st June, 2024

  • Added user role specific post submit buttons display
  • Added fpsm_edit_flag filter
  • Added fpsm_delete_flag filter

Version 1.4.1

16th Feb, 2024

  • Fixed post edit form bug
  • Added fpsm_pagination_args filter
  • Fixed Tel Field Post Detail Display Bug
  • Radio Button Checked issue fixed
  • WP Editor Field Added
  • Added File Uploader for Backend Post Edit
  • Displayed filename with fullextension for the post detail fileuploader display
  • Fixed issue in fileuploader class

Version 1.4.0

29th March, 2023

  • Added fpsm_post_statuses filter for post status
  • Added post edit redirection type option
  • Added [author_email] support for From Email in Admin Notification

Version 1.3.9

8th March, 2023

  • Added a filter for post type list
  • Added a filter for post content field default text
  • Fixed file uploader library issue * Filename display with extension in the post detail display

Version 1.3.8

31st August, 2022

  • Fixed submission limit issue

Version 1.3.7

23rd August, 2022

  • Added – support while adding custom fields

Version 1.3.6

12th June, 2022

  • Fixed form submission issue on file upload progress

Version 1.3.5

25th May, 2022

  • Fixed post format bug in the backend

Version 1.3.4

16th Feb, 2022

  • Minimum words check for Post Content
  • Hide Taxonomy Frontend Display when empty
  • Featured image with WP Media Uploader
  • Author Details Frontend Display
  • Fix “Recently Published” issue on “Recently Updated”
  • HTML support in post label
  • Separate CSS class for frontend display fields

Version 1.3.3

26th September, 2021

  • Fixed anchor link issue for File Uploader frontend display

Version 1.3.2

22nd August, 2021

  • Added Update label for Submit Buttons
  •  Added Terms/Categories/Tags to display as link in the post detail page
  •  Fixed author_name variable replace in post submit notification
  •  Fixed post_link html anchor link issue
  •  Added nl2br function for textarea received content displayed in post detail page
  •  Added action hook just after each form field display
  •  Added filter hook for sanitize rule before processing the form submitted data
  •  Fixed form reset after submit issue

Version 1.3.1

10th August, 2021

  • Fixed notification message filter post id issue

Version 1.3.0

9th August, 2021

  • Added Meta Key display field for Custom field in the backend form fields listing
  • Fixed post edit link issue for Admin Notification

Version 1.2.9

19th July, 2021

  • Fixed few layout issues in backend
  • Fixed few layout issues in frontend
  • Added notification message filter hook



Version 1.2.8

28th June, 2021

  • Fixed telephone field pattern bug
  • Added filter hook for wp_editor arguments
  • Added filter hook for last modified date in Dashboard
  • Added feature to include the author posts bypassing the form alias
  • Added feature to fire save_post hook on successful post submit
  • Added feature to increase post content editor height

Version 1.2.7

22nd Feb, 2021

  • Fixed post submission limit issue

Version 1.2.6

17th Feb, 2021

  • Added post submission limit feature
  • Added media attach to the post feature
  • Fixed featured image attach to the post issue

Version 1.2.5

18th Jan, 2021

  • Fixed author select for guest form in the basic settings

Version 1.2.4

14th December, 2020

  • Added Search Functionality in Frontend Dashboard
  • Added Post Status Filter in Frontend Dashboard
  • Decreased SN and Action column width
  • Added option to enable and disable SN and Latest Modified Date in frontend Dashboard
  • Added media sorting functionality on frontend form

Version 1.2.3

4th December, 2020

  • Fixed custom field type select for Safari Browser

Version 1.2.2

20th November, 2020

  • Scheduled date printed on dashboard
  • Added option to disable post views
  • Added admin link in the post title when “List all posts for Administrator” option is enabled
  • Fixed width for the post title and post views column in frontend dashboard

Version 1.2.1

9th November, 2020

  • Added Background Color Options for Submit Buttons
  • Added [from_name] parameter in From Name field for Admin Notification
  • Added Post View Count Display integrated with Post View Counter Plugin
  • Fixed upload file name issue for Arabic Language
  • Fixed admin notification issue
  • Admin Override with Post Edit and Delete Disable on List all Post for Administrator Option Enabled
  • Future Post Status also listed in Dashboard

Version 1.2.0

6th October, 2020

  • Added Post Status Specific Submit Buttons
  • Added Save as Draft and Auto Draft Save Options
  • Added Post Submit Notification Options
  • Added Post Status Specific Post Edit Disable Feature
  • Added Post Status Specific Post Delete Disable Feature
  • Added Download button for Media Files uploaded from the form in the backend
  • Added All Posts Listing feature for administrator
  • Added No Posts Found Message Field for Frontend Dashboard
  • Fixed custom post types listing in the frontend dashboard issue
  • Fixed post content blank for post edit when post content field is not available in the form

Version 1.0.9

4th August

  • Fixed multiple taxonomy select
  • Fixed dropdown for non hierarchical taxonomy

Version 1.0.8

4th June

  • Added Youtube Embed Field

Version 1.0.7

2nd June 2020

  • Fixed slash adding issue on form save
  • Added html support for field note
  • Added post edit redirection
  • Post title and Post author support for Subject in notification emails

Version 1.0.6

21st May, 2020

  • Fixed few translation issues
  • Fixed gallery delete issue

Version 1.0.5

20th May, 2020

  • Fixed few translations issues
  • Hidden the label when custom field value is empty
  • Added Telephone Field
  • Fixed post reject notification email sent from frontend issue

Version 1.0.4

15th May, 2020

  • Fixed backend dropdown selected issues
  • Fixed child category selection issue
  • Fixed translation issues
  • Fixed featured image delete on edit issue
  • Fixed form success and validation error message issue

Version 1.0.3

13th May, 2020

  • Added URL field in the custom field type
  • Added few hooks
  • Fixed post publish notification
  • Fixed Author name and author URL backend save issue
  • Fixed admin notification undefined variable issue
  • Fixed backend styling issues

Version 1.0.2

8th May, 2020

  • Fixed custom post type assignment issue

Version 1.0.1

5th May, 2020

  • Fixed activation issue

Version 1.0.0

4th May, 2020

  • Plugin Initial Release