10 Popular and Best Elementor Addons in 2021

Best Elementor Addons

Do you know how to get the best Elementor addons in 2021?

While WordPress is the most popular web platform right now, it is Elementor that makes it more awesome.

As you can enjoy the privilege of designing websites without using codes, you can probably guess how hyped the community is due to Elementor’s unique features.

In addition, there have been many great addons that make Elementor more profound, flexible, and suitable.

Among the lot, it is indeed difficult to select the ones that are proven the best addons for Elementor.

In this article, we will tell you about such 10 addons that are considered the best according to the users.

While we picked addons for the list, we took account of the ones that are well-built, reputed, & have quality features for the users.

So, let’s get on to it.

What Makes Elementor Is So Popular?

Unlike the previous generations, you can actually make websites without touching any code.

How’s that possible?

After WordPress introduced the Gutenberg system, it is now possible to design websites with just drag-drop tools.

But with Elementor, it’s even better.

The typical Gutenberg system doesn’t offer a lot of freedom as there could only be a handful of things to do here.

Elementor breaks it down makes it easier to create websites from the scratch, bit by bit into completion.

That’s why Elementor got the most attention worldwide and made both common people & developers seek it.

Right now, more than a 4.5million people are using this plugin for their websites.

Ideal Elementor Addons

As there are tones of addons available for Elementor, it is necessary and the right thing to make a standard to choose the best ones.

Even the experts belonging to the WordPress community have tested so many addons to make the standards.

Again, not all add-ons fall into the standards completely.

Likewise, certain addons have unique characteristics of their own.

Hence, an ideal Elementor addon must have these features-

  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress & Elementor
  • Bugless code & minimum issues
  • Regular updates
  • Easy to operate
  • Positive user feedback
  • No lag on site speed
  • Fast customer support 24/7

Now that we know what features to look for in a plugin, let’s start with the addon introduction.

1. Elementor Pro

Elementor Addons

Rating: 4.7

Active Installations: 5M+

Before anything else, you should get a look at the Elementor Pro version first.

Elementor, as itself, gives a couple of useful plugins in the free version.

On the pro version, you will get up to 90 or some more widgets.

For a normal user, these much will suffice.

Generally, the widgets provided by Elementor Pro are quite good and well-built.

They have the highest compatibility with both Elementor & WordPress and can be used as custom widgets.

Because of the same origin, these widgets won’t affect your site performance. Of course, not recommended if you are looking for diverse features.

Elementor Pro costs $49/year for 1 site and $999/year for 1000 sites.

2. Crocoblock

Croco Block

Rating: 4.8

Active Installations: not determined

Crocoblock is not a single addon but a combination of many pro-level addons together.

This is one of the most advanced addons ever built for WordPress.

There are more than 150 widgets available, all listed in different categories and comes in bundles.

All widgets are unique, have awesome-looking layouts, and have futuristic designs.

You will find essential addons for WooCommerce, blogging, product listing & marketing, general website features, and more.

Crocoblock can be used on Elementor & Gutenberg, except for fewer features for the latter.

As they have a custom pricing table, you can choose what to buy and what not among the addons here.

However, all 20 addons (150+ widgets) combined cost around $130/year for 1 site and $265/year for 1000 sites.

3. Element Pack

Element Pack

Rating: 4.9

Active Installations: 45,000+

Element Pack has the maximum number of features in the whole market for Elementor.

It is an addon based on Elementor that has more than 195 unique widgets that comes in a package and a huge (2000+ elements) template library.

From general websites to e-commerce, news portal, blogs, online stores, ebook sites; you can build anything with this addon.

Element Pack makes widgets for both general & specialized purposes, resulting in a pack full of all-you-ever-need features.

This plugin is light, has good compatibility with WordPress, and doesn’t affect your site speed.

Rather, the plugin is made to boost your overall site speed & performance. Making it a universal tool for Elementor.

Element Pack has both free & paid versions. You can fetch the free version from here.

Generally, it costs $29/year for 1 site and $179/year for 1000 sites.

4. Ultimate Addons

Ultimate Addons

Rating: 4.9

Active Installations: 300,00+

If you are looking for a lightweight addon with only a handful of features, our suggestion is to get the Ultimate Addons for Elementor.

This plugin is made to enhance wooCommerce & site content on your website and comes with such tools.

It is a very lightweight addon with only 50+ widgets.

All widgets are built to minimize the site load and maximize the users’ creativity.

Moreover, you can get form builder tools along with the package.

Ultimate Addons will cost you $55/year for 1000 sites and $249/year for additional themes, tools & SkillJet Academy membership (for 1000 sites).

5. Prime Slider

Prime Slider

Rating: 4.7

Active Installations: 20,000+

Prime Slider is the best WordPress slider building tool for Elementor.

It’s an addon that is specifically built to help you make sliders on your homepage.

Prime Slider provides a wide range of slider widgets, all have unique layouts and custom features.

Generally, a sites’ homepage is hard to design as it is the most vital point of interest for the viewers.

Instead of worrying over the design, just grab a slider from the Prime Slider addon and create outstanding hero pages on your own.

The price for the slider (25+ widgets) goes $7.92/year for 1 site and $55.2/yearly for 1000 sites.

6. Essential Addons

Essential Addons

Rating: 4.9

Active Installations: 1M+

Essential Addons is considered to be the second addon after Elementor Pro due to its features.

This is another lightweight addon that has slightly more widgets (70+) than Elementor’s.

Essential Addons is one of the top-dog plugins that have the most amazing-looking widgets for Elementor.

They have specific widgets for blogging, e-commerce stores, and SEO.

As for the overall performance, it’s an addon that worths your money.

It costs $39.97/year for 1 site and $79.98/year for 1000 sites.

7. Qi Addons

QI Addons

Rating: 4.8

Active Installations: 10,000+

Qi Addons is another hidden gem addon for Elementor.

This guy offers more than 60 custom widgets for creating tones of different websites.

Be it a blog, e-commerce, or saloon website, Qi Addons got your back.

The most amazing thing is, it’s a completely free tool.

Moreover, each widget is crafted considering the need of the users and has a lot of customizing options.

From animated heading to the image gallery, Qi got it all!

You can say that this is the largest free plugin that Elementor users can ever get.

8. Ultimate Post Kit

Ultimate Post Kit

Rating: 5.0

Active Installations: 200+

Ultimate Post Kit is a dedicated Elementor addon for blogging.

Unlike any other addon from this list, it is made for this specific niche, as a tool for bloggers.

Ultimate Post Kit contains more than 30 unique widgets including grids, carousels, author, and newsletter.

The addon is designed to fulfill every need of a blog website, making it a one-stop blogging wizard for WordPress.

However, the plugin is still fresh out of the box, having a low number of users so far.

But, it’s free.

There’s a rumor that a paid version will be released soon, side-by-side with the free version.

9. Unlimited Elements

Ultimate Elements

Rating: 4.7

Active Installations: 80,000+

Unlimited Elements is another popular Elementor addon with a large number of widgets at its disposal.

What makes it unique is that instead of multifunctional widgets, it provides a huge collection of widgets that are broken into smaller features, resulting in the number of total widgets exceeding 250.

The addon is flexible and easy to use with Elementor.

The downside may be the large number of features overloading the site cache.

But there are options available to keep activated only the desired ones.

Unlimited Elements costs $39/year for 1 site and $149/year for 1000 sites.

10. Envato Elements

Envato Elements

Rating: 4.3

Active Installations: 500,000+

Envato Elements is a free template browser for WordPress & Elementor.

Unlike the addons above, this is not a typical addon that provides widgets.

Instead, it’s a massive collection of templates (blocks, ready pages, ready sections, images, etc.) from all over the world.

It’s a secondary tool for Elementor where you can import templates with customizing kits from it.

Envato Elements can replace the work of a designer and graphic developer for common users.

Except you like to have custom-made sites, you can keep this addon for free and enjoy the privilege.


Did you pick your Elementor addon?

Considering the number of features, there are a lot more addons out there that can be your next favorite pick.

But, when compared to the performance, there’re only a handful of addons that will not hinder your website in any form or shape.

So, that’s the base of our concept while choosing the best addons for Elementor in 2021.

Hope you have a satisfactory view on this topic. We are happy to help you pick the best tool for your website.

Thanks for your time.

Check our article on how to install WordPress plugins as well.

You can follow us on our Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

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